Branphiq commitment to exceptional style, creativity and reliability is exemplified in our portfolio – which demonstrates an extensive diversity of architectural design concepts and includes some of the finest lounge and bar interiors, including Gallileo, Levans, Smooth, Circles, The Mug Coffee House in Nairobi and at Nakumatt Prestige Nairobi, Mercury at Nakumatt Junction, K Chick Nairobi Cinema, Galaxi Sports Bar, Skylux Lounge, Psys Town, Bobs Ice Bar in Mombasa, Frosted in Kisumu and Tribeka.

Current projects include Upper Hill Hotel in Nairobi, Gallileo Heineken and Galilleo Lifestyle in Nairobi, Psys Langata, The Legend on Baricho Road Nairobi, Hunter”s Grill in Nairobi and Fabrik; all contributing to a lasting impression of unique design and an exclusive guest experience.